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    Sunday, September 10, 2006

    Home Grown Terrorist Target Lists

    As if we have not had enough of soft heart, appeasement attitudes towards terrorists; now we have to endure our local and national news media providing intelligence, target acquisition, and procedural documentation to the enemy!

    Right on the front page!

    In stark testimony to this, The Columbian, Vancouver Washington’s major newspaper, featured an article in the Sunday, September 10th edition designating the Washington State Ferry System as a target for future terrorism. Just who does this paper think it is benefiting? Surely, if the daily ferry users heeded this warning, the ferry system could loose millions in lost fares because of the wide spread fear of using a ferry. Or, take it a step farther, terrorist enemies now have substantiated, cold hard facts about a prime target including but not limited to: scheduling, passenger (read that-casualty) numbers, tonnage loss projections, and possible times targeting could be plotted and executed. This particular article even spells out specific ways it could be done and provides a guide to existing and potential terrorists on exactly how to exploit weaknesses in the security of the ferry network.

    Make no mistake…military intelligence gathering organizations seek out and covet this type of information and make active attempts to try to obtain it any chance they get. Much of the intel comes at a steep price in resources and many times, lives. Now, our local news media is providing it free to terrorists who want an easy target.

    I recall reading other similarly worded articles in other newspapers and magazine commentaries over the past few years about other potential targets including bridges, public gathering places, civic buildings, and other like places that a terrorist organization could easily recon, stake out, and later destroy with little or no effort; aided of course, by the detailed descriptions provided by our *ever-so-loyal* news media.

    Can you remember back during the Gulf war in 91’ when there was a standing joke about Saddam’s best source if intelligence and information being CNN or FOX? That same concern raised its ugly head in Operation Iraqi Freedom too. I remember being appalled at how I was able to find out our country’s operational plans and targets in great detail, hours and in some cases, days before they launched; complete with operational maps, overlays, route recons, and some retired, military nobody, a Colonel or General usually, to explain it all to the civillian newswatchers and give their opinion about how good (or bad) it was in relation to whatever political viewpoint that particular newsgroup held. (to think that I used to feel that Walter Cronkite was a seditionist back in the sixties and early seventies? Sheesh! he was a sheep compared to some media sources today.)

    Leaks, disclosure of military secrets, sellouts, betrayals, inventive journalism, blatant lies, all in the name of selling papers! When are we going to reel in this out of control juggernaut of destruction we call freedom of the press? Don’t misread me here, I am in full support and belief in the freedoms granted and secured in our constitution and I did, and would again, fight to protect them but…all freedoms come with responsibilities and duties. I feel the line has been crossed…many times over. This latest article is but one example. I feel this is sedition directed against our population at its worst.

    How would it be viewed if those ferry passengers got together and painted bull’s-eyes on the local news agency and newspaper offices.

    After all…doesn't one *good* deed deserve another.


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