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    Wednesday, September 01, 2004

    No Child Left Behind

    I thought this was some interesting commentary over on Centrist Conspiracy:

    No Child Left Behind Act not so dim

    Because Bush’s team has been less than effective in communicating to the American public exactly what No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is and how it works, I had bought into the Democratic propaganda claiming that NCLB consisted of unfunded mandates and that it unfairly penalized poorly performing schools. I had only a vague notion regarding the purposes of NCLB, and an even murkier notion regarding its actual content. It turns out that NCLB is a system of national testing of schools to hold them accountable to the people. Schools must make “adequate yearly progress” (defined by their state) toward achieving proficiency on each test, and students in schools that repeatedly fail these tests have federal money given to them to provide for a tutoring service or other supplemental service to aid in their education. That in a nutshell is the NCLB.


    Blogger Lil said...

    I can't imagine that the No Child Left Behind Act has helped or hurt much either way in Oregon's schools (particularly the Portland Public School district), since the state has been fucking up the schools thoroughly for the last decade or so, what with the budget snafus ( and union negotiations ( and the way Oregon has handicapped our high school students in not being able to apply to many out-of-state colleges which refuse to recognize Oregon's "certificate of advanced mastery" in lieu of a high school diploma ( I hope the military recognizes the certificates, or my kids might just be out of options for college.

    I *do* know that when my elder daughter's high school was the very first school in Oregon to fail the standards of NCLB act, parents started transfering their kids to other high schools in droves! The district finally had to flat-out cut off the availability of transfers because there were so many parents yanking their kids from the first few schools that failed the NCLB act. Within a year or so of my daughter's school being named as failing the act, the majority of the PPS high schools had also failed it, but the damage done by announcing my daughter's high school first had already been done. The school was only redeemed in reputation (and then only partly!) due to re-organization made possible by a huge private financial grant (

    10:51 AM  
    Blogger Larry said...

    What's really bad about that is that Oregon is ranked 19th in education spending among the states- well in the top half, and yet they can't get their act together becuase they have rampant big government attitudes when it comes to spending.

    They had the same problem in Law Enforcement last year:

    Oregon Layoffs Hit Troopers, Lab Techs
    In Oregon, the first round of layoffs, due to budget cuts, have hit the state patrol and crime lab. Oregon State Police will lose 286 positions, including almost 100 scientists and technicians in crime laboratories. In Portland, the 11-member staff at the state DNA lab has been cut to four. They no longer will enter DNA data from convicts into national database that last year matched offenders to 143 crimes. Some troopers may be rehired if the Legislature quickly approves a new state-police budget. But the technicians likely will end up moving to other states where demand for their skills is high, and many may be reluctant to return.


    “Oregon lays off troopers, lab techs,” The Seattle Times, February 2, 2003.

    4:23 PM  

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