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    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    Day One

    Oh-dark-thirty this a-yem witnessed the beginning of a fresh campaign against the shadowy organization known only as "the Bambi Brigade".

    Unfortunately, the enemy was able to successfully manouver to avoid engagement. While on foot patrol, 3 indigenous females were encountered at close range, almost certain partisans of Bambi, however; with no weapons visible, we did not engage.

    Total casualties of the campaign were limited to one tank of gas, and one friendly fire incident. Cross fire between a high-fiber roll and a large cup of coffee resulted in one pair of underpants (boxer briefs, cotton, 1 ea.) being sacrificed for the good of all. That's why field expedients exist, after all.

    No ammunition was expended in this exercise by our forces, however, at least one animal of Gaia's children was harmed by this cruel ritual of animal exploitation. We got a ride (coming back from getting my truck stuck) with a very dead and gutted 4pt buck. Colour me jealous.

    Another day, Bambi: You magnificent bastard.

    (My ego/survivalist instinct is assuaged somewhat. Although those does were not legal in this scenario, at the end of the day, I would have been able to put meat on the table if necessary. Two of them were not 20 ft away and I could have put any one of them down with my sidearm, let alone the rifle.)

    Friday, October 16, 2009

    Tasty, tasty, bambi...

    Well, I'm off this evening to try and stock up the larder. Got my new pea shooter sighted in a couple weeks ago, and hopefully I'll see something with at least 3 points legal to shoot at.

    Not feeling super well, with a cough and bit of a cold I've been fighting off with massive intake of vitamins, echinacea and other miracle drugs all week. I guess if I don't see anything tomorrow, I'll be home in the evening. Not sure I want to sleep in the bed of my truck two nights in a row, the way I'm feeling.

    Friday, October 09, 2009

    Obama deserves a Heisman too...

    Sadly, the racist bastards at ESPN didn't put his name in the running, so you'll have to write him in. He's CLEARLY eligible.

    Go here and vote now, vote often!

    It's for the children.

    Why not?

    After reading Jeff over at Alphecca, I'm wondering why Obama didn't get the Physics prize too. I mean, those other guys aren't nearly as handsome and articulate (in front of a teleprompter) as he is. And besides, Obama isn't Bush.

    Are you fucking kidding me?!?!

    Obama won was awarded a Nobel peace Prize.

    Could you make that shit ANY less meaningless?

    I don't think so.

    Arafat, Obama, Gore, Carter.

    Thursday, October 08, 2009

    'Stylishly designating efforts to solve national ills as "wars" ...

    ...doesn't convert them into something appropriate for the employment of military forces. '
    This equation of "moral equivalence of war" is a Fascist hangover. Jonah Goldberg talks about it at length in his book "Liberal Fascism". Just like the author postulates in his notional letter from prison, there is a danger of combining too many power centers, concentrating too much ability into what seems like a good idea at the time (if one has no cognizence of historical trends in political power concentrations.)
    Most people, even when doing something for themselves, rationalize it as being reasonable and good. If a leader seizes power, it's not for his own good, but for "efficiency" or the "people".
    I have a LOT of confidence in our military and the individuals who make up that force. But it's an institution that could go astray, particularly when it's deliberately perverted beyond its mission. And the timeframe is important: over generations, with constant and deliberate pressure, any organization can be subverted, no matter how noble. Even the institution of the family has been under attack and suffering for decades, and look at the results of that.

    Hundreds of billions of stars dollars...

    I attended a WebEx seminar by Cisco Systems yesterday. Cisco has a huge stake in marketing network equipment to the public sector, but I never knew they had a team dedicated to teaching public schools how to get grant money from the Federal Gov. The "money quote" {ahem}:
    "There's hundreds of billions of dollars in grant funding available, all you have to do is apply for it.."
    People, a quick question for the class: Where does federal money come from? The stork doesn't deliver it in a nice pastel receiving blanket...
    It comes from you, from your community. From the taxes you pay in many categories. Just think: if you weren't paying all those taxes to the federal government, how mucyh of that would be available in the local community (not to mention your pocket) to spend on local concerns like schools. One might even think that the funding crises we always hear about in the schools are bullshit.
    My school district is spending nearly $10k/student/year. Don't you think you could do better for your kid with that $10k in your pocket? Or even half that? Personally, I think you could do better on a third the money, and keep them safer.

    The difference between theory and practice, is much greater in practice than in theory...

    Monday, October 05, 2009

    I'm glad Rio got it

    The Olympics is not a blessing to be courted; it's a White Elephant.

    I mean, I'm sorry for the people of Brazil, whether they realize it or not. Screw Chicago, I don't really care that it would have cost them so much, but I know it would spill over into the Fed giving them "stimulus" money to prep for it; it would be the perfect excuse for Obama to funnel money back to his peeps. Not with my money, pal.

    Oh, and Illinois? Screw you guys and your dirty machine politics. You helped springboard this idiot to power.

    Sunday, October 04, 2009

    Aye, and it were a guid day...

    It occured to me, 'bout late afternoon in the pee-em, as I wheeled down the freeway, in very light traffic, canine life partner riding shotgun in the old pickup. It's a good day.

    The westering sun was warming the air just enough that the autumn chill was a welcome refreshment with the windows rolled down, the dog's paw and chin on my lap a nicely warmer spot, even on a day warm enough for comfortable t-shirt attire. At least while loading supplies for home improvement projects. The green has come back vividly with the occasionally rainy fall, and it was one of those afternoons with the artists' light, the kind that visitors to these parts comment on occasionally.

    Got some chores accomplished. The house is shaping up into a proper place for me after these few months being at home for a change, the verging on (ahem} middle-aged dood. Welcome change after the feminization I've undergone with various housemates over the least few years. Not that I don't occasionally miss the kids being around, just for the noise of it.

    Got some homework done, I believe everything was turned in on time. Bit of a challenge, organizing and scheduling the online classes. Just getting a mental grasp on what assignements there are and when they are due was a bit confusing, but I think I'm settling into it after this first week. Whoo, MBA here we come.

    Got a fire taking the chill offf in the living room, and a rifle to clean, then it's bedtime.

    Friday, October 02, 2009


    Went to the local grocery store for lunch, to grab something quick from the deli counter, and get a money order for a purchase I made on this morning (just trying to stimulate the economy, honest.)

    The service desk? Fuhgedaboudit. As my colleague pointed out when I got back to work, it's "payday" for wlefare recipients.

    Not sure exactly how you get a paycheck without a job. But it certainly is consistent that people on "benefits" refer to it as "payday".