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    Tuesday, February 01, 2011

    My Letter to the BATFE0-I-E-I-O

    I understand you are studying a ruling on sporting purposes for shotguns.

    I believe it is very important to interpret this ruling very widely, to include any sport, organized or unorganized that individuals may lawfully engage in. "Plinking" is a sport every bit as much as frisbee golf or any other activity that people may engage in for fun, education, exercise, enjoyment of nature and being outside. Competitive shooting very CLEARLY meets the definition of sport, in that it is organized competition, but many forms of practice lead into organized competition, and any chance for the sport to develop is crippled if the unorganized and private practice thereof is restricted.

    To this end, I believe it is vitally important to include semi-automatic shotguns with potentially uncommon configurations and variations in the definition of sporting shotguns.

    Make sure you express yourself as well:

    H/T to Snowflakes in Hell.


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