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    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    What's wrong with this picture?

    OK, first of all, I appreciate that the NRA and sponsors make these deals available to me. Second of all, I'mna hotlink these images, because, after all, it's their advertising, and it was hotlinked in my email, so I don't think they're gonna mind.

    But the main meat of this post, is WTF were they thinking? This is a training tool for teaching people how to shoot, and what does their picture show? An injured hand about to happen:

    NextLevel Training LLC
    5160 Industrial Place, Suite 107, Ferndale, WA 98248

    People, people... The web of the thumb goes below the slide, where it's not going to be sliced and torn open by the action. Thumbs settle down into the grip and point forward.

    Little details MATTER. We're less impressed by the dude's shirt matching the colour scheme, or his badass sunglasses, than we are by demonstrating correct knowledge. The interesting camera angle and subtle distortion of perspective doesn't work if the basic subject matter screams "WRONG WRONG WRONG". I simply can't get past the grip. You're not marketing to Hollywood ignoramuses (ignorami?), you're trying to sell a product to FIREARMS INSTRUCTORS, who then may recommend your product to their students, also peopple who have spent some time and money to get educated. They won't be impressed either.

    Here's a suggestion for you: if it's firearms photography you need, go hire Oleg Volk.


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