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    Wednesday, April 12, 2006

    Does Congressman Baird care about my opinions?

    I signed up a while back for updates from congressman Brian Baird. Got one today:

    "Dear Neighbor,

    In an effort to keep you advised of legislative activity in Congress, I wanted to update you on my ongoing efforts to fight the methamphetamine epidemic in the United States.

    Last week, the House unanimously approved legislation I introduced to create a National Meth Prevention Week. My resolution will help increase awareness of the meth epidemic and educate the public about the dangers of meth use. It is my hope that a National Meth Week will draw national attention to the meth epidemic and to the links between meth abuse and other crimes like identity theft, domestic violence, and child abuse.

    You can watch me speaking on the House floor about my resolution by clicking on the link below.


    As a former clinical psychologist who worked with meth-addicted patients, I know how devastating this drug can be. Prevention and education are key to stopping the spread of the meth epidemic. I have worked tirelessly on the anti-meth fight since coming to Congress. I am proud to have founded the bipartisan Congressional Caucus to Fight and Control Methamphetamine in 2000 and to have co-authored the comprehensive Combat Meth Epidemic Act in 2005. In addition, last year the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) requested my input to create the 2006 National Drug Control Strategy.

    As always, I welcome your questions and comments. I look forward to continuing to advocate for Southwest Washington in Congress.


    Brian Baird ”

    My reply:

    I recently recieved your anti-meth message. However, I am not so concerned about preventing meth users from indulging their habits as I am about punishing people who commit crimes against others. I think the war on (some) drugs is a crock. Punish people for committing crimes against other people, not for being stupid and abusing their own bodies.

    Repeal the seatbelt laws while you're at it. Government is not my nanny.
    On another issue; get tough on immigration. We need immigrants, and many Mexican people are very fine neighbors. However, we need to curb the onslaught of free riders in our system and desperately need to secure our borders against criminals and terrorists. No blanket amnesty for illegals: discourage the illegals who are here already, and encourage honorable immigrants by opening up more visas for people who are legitimate and LEGAL applicants. We should repeal the student visa requirement for the foreign student to not seek to stay in America after graduation: if we educate them, and they want to stay here, and they find gainful employment, why should we kick them out? Do not discourage educated, talented, and motivated people from immigrating: we need more than physical labourers as immigrants.

    However, do NOT tolerate the Aztlan movement. Do NOT encourage the racist LaRaza movement. People who come to America MUST assimilate as AMERICANS.

    Build the wall.