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    Monday, December 06, 2010

    On Wikileaks

    This one is very simple.

    Julian Assange has the absolute right to say anything he wants to say, as publicly as he can get people to pay attention.

    What he does not have the right to, is other people's intellectual property. The information he is publishing does not belong to him. He is a thief, or at best, a fence knowingly dealing in stolen goods.

    The piece of shit who passed the information to him, is likewise a thief. He agreed to certain terms and stipulations when he was granted access to his employer's information, and he violated those agreements. Given the nature of the information and employment, he is also a traitor.

    So I have little sympathy for Mr. Assange, and zero for the traitor. Persecute Assange every way that is legally permissable, and execute the traitor. Then scratch his name off the wall.


    Blogger Jeanne S said...

    Best plan I've heard yet on that matter.

    3:48 AM  

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