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    Thursday, October 08, 2009

    Hundreds of billions of stars dollars...

    I attended a WebEx seminar by Cisco Systems yesterday. Cisco has a huge stake in marketing network equipment to the public sector, but I never knew they had a team dedicated to teaching public schools how to get grant money from the Federal Gov. The "money quote" {ahem}:
    "There's hundreds of billions of dollars in grant funding available, all you have to do is apply for it.."
    People, a quick question for the class: Where does federal money come from? The stork doesn't deliver it in a nice pastel receiving blanket...
    It comes from you, from your community. From the taxes you pay in many categories. Just think: if you weren't paying all those taxes to the federal government, how mucyh of that would be available in the local community (not to mention your pocket) to spend on local concerns like schools. One might even think that the funding crises we always hear about in the schools are bullshit.
    My school district is spending nearly $10k/student/year. Don't you think you could do better for your kid with that $10k in your pocket? Or even half that? Personally, I think you could do better on a third the money, and keep them safer.

    The difference between theory and practice, is much greater in practice than in theory...


    Blogger OregonGuy said...

    Didja ever wonder what would happen if you woke up tomorrow to find out that the President ordered the closure of the Education Department?

    Would a single school close?

    Would a single student fail to show up for class?

    Would there be general disarray as teachers and administrators ran down the hall screaming woe is me?

    I don't think so.

    But there would be hundreds of millions of dollars no longer spent filling out forms to show that the rules of the federal agency were being faithfully followed.

    5:24 PM  

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