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    Tuesday, September 29, 2009

    Just... LOL

    The not-so-subtle message here is that vegetarianism is revolution is sex; you too can fight the power and score hot naked rebel chicks by, er, eating tofu. Yeah. Forget all that whining about the objectification of women, one just like Lydia will serve herself up on a platter if you just strike the right clenched-fist poses and munch your beansprouts; we promise. (Well, it sort of has to read that way, doesn’t it? Otherwise what would be the point of the ad campaign?)

    I suppose if you’re female, the implied promise might be that you get to be the hot naked rebel chick. Which, if you’re one of the anorexic daddy-issues gothgirls or overweight lumpy-sweater lesbians who tend to flock to PETA events, must actually seem like a pretty good trade."

    Thanks to Eric S. Raymond (of Armed & Dangerous) for his article: From radical evil to farce in two generations.


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