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    Tuesday, September 01, 2009


    I work now for a large school district, and we had our quarterly all-hands meeting for the IT department today.
    The brainstorming exercise was to think about how to assist the frontline instruction at three important goalposts:
    --3rd grade: read to learn
    --7th grade: write for High School
    --10th grade: on track for graduation
    I was assigned to a team discussing the 3rd grade goal. I didn't get much positive reaction for my idea:
    Have a fire sale on all the district's property to offload it to private school providers, and give everyone their property taxes back so they can pay for enrolling their kids at the new plethora of private schools.


    Blogger OregonGuy said...

    Sounds like a simple proposal. Didn't stick on the wall you say?

    3:34 PM  
    Blogger D.W. Drang said...

    Oh, you're gonna LOVE next Tuesday...

    3:25 AM  
    Blogger Larry said...

    Our biggest problem on school start-up seems to be "experts" plugging in both ends of network cables, from what I'm told.

    Had a call the other day where a Cisco IP phone had two cables plugged into the wall. One that normally goes to the switch and also the one that normally allows a PC to plug into the phone as a pass-through, so you can use one wall jack for a phone and a PC at the same time.

    I guess they thought they would have two phone lines that way.

    9:15 AM  

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