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    Tuesday, August 18, 2009

    Public School Education

    Via Coyote Blog:

    In reference to John Mackey's (Whole Foods CEO) op/ed on Socialized Healthcare and Obama's plans, this blogger and his fellow travelers have this to say:

    "The op-ed reads like a page from the Republican playbook, touting individual responsibility for one's health. What a load of unorganic crap!"

    Just read the comments for a dose of hilarious-if-it-were-satire-but-actually-really-scary-ignorance. No philosophical underpinnings of coherent justification for what is a right and what is not. Not even any discussion of how healthcare is a "right". Nor of how it can be achieved. No concept of planning ahead for foreseeable risks and costs.

    There are a few voices of sanity amidst it, but mostly being drowned out by pure noise.

    People, the argument that the Constitution doesn't cover something because the framers couldn't anticipate is a non-starter. There's a process in place for adapting to new circumstances. Yes, it is very difficult to achieve a Constitutional Amendment. That is a feature, not a bug. Educate yourselves on the following: "populism", "bread and circuses", Alexis de Toqueville.


    Blogger OregonGuy said...

    Right off the bat, notice the name calling; "put him in the company of the lunatic right-wing fringe who edit the paper's opinion section."

    Good name calling! Not only was the writer able to establish his creds--since the writer isn't a lunatic--but he was able to, in one brush stroke, name call both the opinions of John Mackey as well as the opinions of the Board of Editors of the Wall Street Journal. This is obviously a writer to be recogned with. (I can usually only slur one person at a time. This guy hits a mob!)

    The next false statement is the corruption of equivocation; since John Mackey has held beliefs that mirror those of most Republicans, he must obviously be a simple parrot; "The op-ed reads like a page from the Republican playbook, touting individual responsibility for one's health. What a load of unorganic crap!"

    Then the writer throws out a Red Herring, " care is a system."


    Most of us have a dentist and a doctor. I don't imagine these guys as sharing notes from my most recent visits. (Of course, under ObamaCare our records will be the grist of many a bureaucratic tea leaf reading.)

    And here's the whoppper; "Access to health care is a human right..."

    Uh, on what premise do you arrive at that conclusion? Is having a barber a human right? Or, do you have any clue about what is or isn't a "human right"?

    Thanks for the post. I wish I was as sciency as are those on the Left. But I limited by my mere existence. I'm just a regular guy. I'm not as smart as are those of the Left.

    8:22 PM  

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