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    Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    To Mayor Pollard

    Mr Pollard,

    I doubt you will remember me; I recently assisted with the 4th Plain Community cleanup effort by providing a trailer and PA system for the pre-work assembly at Vancouver Central Park.

    I have recently been made aware that you are part of the so-called "Mayors against Illegal Guns". I must express my disappointment with your stance on this issue. I firmly believe that Mayor Bloomberg is totally against any and all rights for gun owners, and that this organization is on the wrong side of the issue. It's a front for gun-grabbers and limitations on civil liberty.

    I supported the recent Thune amendment. As I wrote to my representatives in Congress:

    "As Washington state is one of the more permissive states in regard to issuance of concealed pistol licenses, your vote merely harms Washington residents' ability to exercise their civil rights and basic human right of self-defense. Your job as a senator is to look out for our State's interests, and you have abdicated that responsibility in this instance as in so many others.

    We have nothing to lose by allowing other states' law-abiding and licensed residents to carry their concealed pistols in our state, according to our laws, and much to gain from reciprocity, which is also a Constitutional issue, under Article IV, Section 1 of the United States Constitution, commonly known as the Full Faith and Credit Clause.

    As a CPL holder, I have been vetted and prodded to verify my clean legal record and law-abiding character. Yet I am still required to jump hoops through artificially high barriers in order to conform with arguably unconstitutional limits on my civil rights when I drive 2 miles south from my home.

    Please be aware that I am strenuously registering my objections to your policy in person, print, and online at every chance I get. My single voice does not sway much, but I believe that the majority opinion is on my side and suffers only from misinformation, and apathy induced by feelings of being disenfranchised. This can change."

    Mr Pollard, I was armed during that recent event I mentioned, indeed I am armed at all times and places that I am legally allowed to be. No one was harmed, and had someone attempted to cause harm, myself and people like me would have had a chance to do something to prevent it. People subscribing to your beliefs would have had to hope a cop was close enough by to respond. As Obama supporters are beginning to find out, empty hope is not enough.

    Trust me, I am all for states' rights when it comes to the Federal government expanding and usurping powers, but extending reciprocity to the acts and public records of all states is clearly a Constitutional mandate.


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