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    Monday, September 14, 2009

    This is pretty cool

    New shooter update

    I actually had some similar problems the other day at the range with my mom, her room mate, and said room mate's daughter (who has been staying with me for a few months, so was also my room mate.)

    Mom's roomie is a lefty with right eye dominance. Now, I'm no expert fire arms instructor, and not a lefty to boot, but I am also cross-eye dominant. So I could sympathize. I explained what the problem is and promised to follow up with some research on correct shooting technique as a cross-eyed lefty 'tard (j/k). I found this, but would like to hear from other people with advice on this issue.

    We also had an equipment malf- which sucked. I bought a .22LR revolver last year, but due to being out of the country, had not had a chance to fire it until now. I got it specifically for training initial safety and shooting technique, but the damned thing is having light strikes (both single- and double-action modes) and only firing every other round or 3 (or 4). It's an older H&R 9-shot .22LR revolver, I believe a model 829. So we had to use my carry sidearm, Glock model 22 (.40), which frame was a bit too large for comfort for my trainees.

    On the plus side, a good time was had by all, we re-inforced the previous verbal lessons with some physical ones, and everybody got at least a few on the paper. The range officer was kind enough and respectful which never hurts with noobs. His assessment of me as "knowing my shit" helped calm my trainees as well. It's always something when you have to tell your mom what to do and expect very precise and immediate compliance.

    We moved on to a few rounds through the long guns before the day was over, I even suckered... er- convinced the ladies to try the Mossberg 12 gauge. Which, having a light-weight collapsible M4 style 4-position stock on it, does kick a little bit, even with birdshot loads. I'll admit I don't want to shoot that thing all day either. It's primarily a home defense weapon, and familiarity training was the point of the day, not masochism. The .22 Savage was a pretty big hit though.


    Blogger Fenris said...

    Is it possible it just didn't like the ammo brand? Other than that, yikes. Maybe the mainspring is wearing out.

    11:41 PM  
    Blogger Larry said...

    It was remington ammo. The dent on the shell was definitely lighter than the Savage left on themm I re-used some of the duds from the pistol in the rifle and they fire fine, I'm wondering if the firing pin is worn down... the hammer strike seems solid, either double or single action.

    9:50 AM  
    Blogger Fenris said...

    Sounds plausible. Hopefully, it's an easy repair.

    9:14 PM  
    Blogger Larry said...

    Well, I'll look around for someone to fix it, but it was only about $110, so I'm not out major cash for it.

    10:01 AM  
    Blogger Kirk said...

    I don't know about your revolver, but some S&W's have adjustable mainsprings. There's just a screw in the grip frame; if you tighten it, the spring will apply more pressure. You might want to take a look at yours and see if it's the same.

    5:40 AM  
    Blogger Larry said...


    9:48 AM  

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