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    Thursday, September 17, 2009

    Not just for Black kids

    This ties right in with other reading I've been doing on education. The system is the problem; burn it down.


    Blogger Kevin said...

    I'm with you. I just found out a full third of our state's education budget goes to pensions and over half of the 600,000 people employed in education are not teachers. A full quarter of the teachers in LAUSD send their kids to private school, which shows how much faith they themselves have in the system. Yet every time an election rolls around, the union is all over TV and radio, complaining about the lack of funding, and how the children deserve better. I cannot think of a worse way to run things than letting the government do it. It's a huge money pit.

    9:32 PM  
    Blogger OregonGuy said...

    From 1958 to 1967 my dad taught at a Portland Public High School that was too black. Because it was too black it had to be closed.

    I was a little boy when I first visited my dad's school. My dad was a hardass. It was amazing to see his students respond to his instruction. The genuine affection his kids had for him.

    To this day there are successful men and women who owe, in part, their success to my dad. See, my dad never saw kids as "black" or "white", but as kids. It was his job to teach them. He did. Sure, there were administrators who gave him grief for not always following his lesson plans. While my dad was a hardass, they were dicks. But, I'm sure things have changed since then.

    Teachers are no longer hardasses. And administrators are no longer dicks.

    11:18 AM  
    Blogger Larry said...

    A rough back-of-the-envelope calculation for the budget of {the large school district where I work} seems to be about $10,000 per kid per year. Private school tuition (which includes some pretty high-end schools) averages out to be about $6,000. Tell me how the schools are failing due to lack of funding, and I laugh in your general direction.

    As Gatto says (and I don't buy everything he says without reservation), the schools are not failing, they are doing what they were designed to do, brilliantly; dumb these kids down to factory automatons with just enough technical knowledge memorized to function and be productive in an industrial society, but not educated enough to think for themselves on any deep and meaningful level.

    The six or seven lessons kids learn in schools stick, they're just not the lessons most of us think they should be.

    11:00 PM  

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