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    Sunday, October 04, 2009

    Aye, and it were a guid day...

    It occured to me, 'bout late afternoon in the pee-em, as I wheeled down the freeway, in very light traffic, canine life partner riding shotgun in the old pickup. It's a good day.

    The westering sun was warming the air just enough that the autumn chill was a welcome refreshment with the windows rolled down, the dog's paw and chin on my lap a nicely warmer spot, even on a day warm enough for comfortable t-shirt attire. At least while loading supplies for home improvement projects. The green has come back vividly with the occasionally rainy fall, and it was one of those afternoons with the artists' light, the kind that visitors to these parts comment on occasionally.

    Got some chores accomplished. The house is shaping up into a proper place for me after these few months being at home for a change, the verging on (ahem} middle-aged dood. Welcome change after the feminization I've undergone with various housemates over the least few years. Not that I don't occasionally miss the kids being around, just for the noise of it.

    Got some homework done, I believe everything was turned in on time. Bit of a challenge, organizing and scheduling the online classes. Just getting a mental grasp on what assignements there are and when they are due was a bit confusing, but I think I'm settling into it after this first week. Whoo, MBA here we come.

    Got a fire taking the chill offf in the living room, and a rifle to clean, then it's bedtime.


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