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    Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    FOIA, my ass

    For several weeks, almost several months, in fact, I have been exchanging letters (via snailmail only, can't even conduct business over the phone or by fax, original signatures, SS#, all the personal information, etc. due to Privacy Act considerations. Although I'm not familiar with any facet of the PA that strictly prohibits Faxed signatures) with the [agency which investigates for security clearances]. I've been trying to get my industrial security clearance paperwork approved. Here's my latest letter (click 'read more'):

    Dear Ms. ______, [Ed: She is the 'Chief, Process Improvements Branch', it is to laugh]

    Thank you for your letter of November 17 in response to my Letter November 3 in reply to your letter of October 13. [Ed: My original thoughts were far more snarky, I managed to tone it down]

    In our earlier correspondence I suggested that I might be able to provide further information or clarification useful in the adjudicative process, and I requested contact information for the person handling my case. In your latest reply, you suggest again that I wait for my FSO [Ed: 'Facility Security Officer'] to be contacted, and note that my investigation was completed and sent for adjudication in April 2002. (Two and a half years ago.)

    However, I am more than slightly concerned about the status of my final clearance. It was only after multiple requests for information that I was able to determine the current status of my investigation. I do not have an FSO readily available to me to check with regularly, as my clearance request is initiated in conjunction with an offer of employment contingent upon the clearance. Thus I am still waiting for word on both.

    I have in the past held TS/SCI with various special accesses, with no problems. After a break in service, a new clearance request was initiated. From 1998 until mid-2002 I was in an Interim status, surely an unusually long time to be in such a status. When my investigation finally began processing, my Interim status was suspended. At the time I was Acting Info Systems Security Manager for my Air National Guard unit, and I was in a leading position for being hired as a full time Guard Technician in that position. That employment opportunity was denied to me with the suspension of my Interim clearance, which is understandable and indeed, the circumstances surrounding the suspension of my Interim clearance are entirely proper and according to regulation- I have no problem with that. This situation persisted with no apparent progress until 2004, culminating in a loss of jurisdiction (due to my medical discharge from the ANG) which terminated the adjudication without a final determination.

    In April of this year (within a month of my discharge from the ANG) a new request was issued for an industrial clearance (Secret). With the prior case not having been finally determined, my Interim Industrial Secret clearance was denied. This has up to this point prevented me from taking up my new employment position, pending final determination. Even my attempts to find out exactly where this process was stuck, were futile for the longest time (several exchanges of letters). It is now the end of November, seven months later, and I still have no word on the adjudication process.

    So, my concerns are: A) In the past, delay of my security clearance determination has cost me employment opportunities. B) It has been an extraordinarily long time since initiation of the request/adjudication. C) Your office has not been forthcoming about my status. D) My attempts to discover if more information or documentation is needed to determine or help expedite my final disposition have largely been frustrated. E) My inability to find out my status is hampering my ability to plan for my future, and even more distressingly, is preventing me from contributing my efforts to do my small part in the defense of my country. Although I have been medically disqualified from serving my country in a military capacity (after 13 years of service), I believe that I still have more to contribute.

    My requests are simple: A straight answer on where in the adjudication process my clearance is, and how long it normally takes to complete this process, as well as an estimate of how long before I can know my own final determination. I would like contact info for the person or person directly handling my case so that I can find out if there are any lacks of information or documentation that could help determine or expedite my case.

    I realize that you are busy and probably have a large case load. It is not my intent to jog your elbow on this matter, but given the length of time I have been waiting, it does not seem unreasonable that I am becoming impatient with this opaque process. I appreciate your attention to this matter and hope to hear from you soon with some substance.


    Does my frustration bleed through in this letter? You bet. Do I have much to lose? Not really. Sending it off today.


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