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    Friday, September 15, 2006

    Done with the hurrying up

    Now it's just waiting.

    My flight doesn't leave for a couple days, and there aren't any rental cars to be had. Up til now I've been busy enough to just go rack out in the barracks when I was done processing for the dya, but now I have all day to sit around being bored. I did get to the local Harley Davidson dealer yesterday, which brags on being the largest in the world. That was pretty cool. Though I'm not a huge Harley Davidson fan, there were some freakin' awesome bikes there.

    After that, I pretty much just racked out. I want to get out and explore El Paso since the only time I've ever been here was years ago with Shawn and the bitch that shall not be named that Jon used to date. That was only for the day on our way to San Angelo between schools. The only recommendation for nightlife that I've heard so far is some strip club called the Jaguar. I'd rather find some venue with live music. I didn't make it with the groupd that went to the Cattleman's Restaurant for 32 oz. steaks last night- I probably should have!


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