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    Monday, January 15, 2007

    Had some problems with the blog

    At some point a few days ago, I was having some problems with blogspot logins timing out due to either their problems or my link. Somehow, my template got corrupted and truncated. So I've had to rebuild it from scratch, not having a backup copy handy to me here (I know I have at least one version at home, but no good to me here).

    So I was unable to fix my template for a few days, and then when I published a post, it nuked the 'running config' as well, so nothing displayed. I managed to cobble most of my bookmarks back together, and I've been fixing the rest as time permits (time is not so permitting right now since I'm getting ready to leave Iraq and having to pacck all my crap up to mail home).

    Comments are still FUBAR'd, so don't bother unless you don't care if they're erased in a few days when I get around to fixing haloscan. If someone does comment, I'll make an effort to transfer them over, but no guarantees. It might have to wait until I get home and then probably until I sober up.

    In the meantime, be assured I am still alive.


    Blogger Lil said...

    I think it was a Blogspot problem, since I saw major mess-ups of at least 2 other Blogspot blogs.

    5:38 PM  

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