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    Tuesday, June 05, 2007

    Thanks, Chuck

    Reader Chuck writes:

    What makes me proud to be an American-- My neighbors paid my son's way through public elementary and high school. He was able to afford to go to college thanks to government loans, and he was able to land a good-paying job and repay them. It was the people who worked at the state employment service who showed me the way to get a job that paid far better than the minimum-wage job I'd been working at for years.

    When John Glenn, WWII ace, first American astronaut to circle the globe and US Senator John Glenn was asked by a reporter what he thought the greatest thing was that America ever had done, Glenn replied, "The school lunch program." The reporter-- thinking Glenn would name winning World War II, the race to the Moon, the American standard of living, and so much more-- was stunned. Glenn explained, "I was impressed that a country could care that much about its children."

    Tag: Patriot's Journey (with JimK, Scott, Lil, Doug, Moorewatch and our fearless leader Drumwaster)


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