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    Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    Time to get off my duff

    I've been slacking long enough. Took a practice exam for the EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker yesterday. I bought the book a while back, but hadn't cracked it until last night. I made a 42% on the practice test, so that's a decent baseline to start from. So I went to schedule the exam to give myself a timeline to work on, but I have to coordinate some experience verification with my employer and the organization before I can get the voucher code allowing me to schedule through the website.



    Blogger Barb said...

    I do the same 'schedule it to make myself study for it' trick for the MCSE exams. Unfortunately, I didn't study hard enough for 70-292 last time, and have to try again ;-)

    Seems interesting that they require some employer connection info. Can't independent developers take the exam, for gosh sake?

    12:23 PM  
    Blogger Larry said...

    They want you to either take their course (probably a revenue thing) or show proof of 2 years experience minimum. So I imagine an independant could demonstrate that with references as well. They were actually really good about getting back to me. It took far longer for my boss to remember to sign the damn letter, and then I had to put it under his nose and stand there. It only took EC Council about 4 hours to get back to me with approval.

    I had to do the same kind of thing for my CISSP, but any CISA or CISSP could vouch for me, and we had several at my (then) company.

    Of course, then the Vue website didn't take the voucher # properly, so I had to call them.

    8:55 PM  

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