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    Saturday, March 22, 2008


    Apparently, my compatriots of the Baghdad HHH are having a great time and are representin' our 'hood quite well at Interhash.

    Man, that would've been a fun trip to go on. If I had planned ahead a little better and not taken a full month in december, I might've gone.


    Blogger A-6Dude said...

    Let me just say that Perth ROCKS! Did a port call there once and was pissed when two others were cancelled because Saddam was acting the idiot.

    One miss was because his son-in-laws defected to Jordan in 95. Cost us Perth and Hobart because we had to extend in the gulf another 4 weeks. But Sadda forgave them, they returned and were summarily executed.

    Don't stand in the way of a Navy guy and a port call.

    7:18 AM  
    Blogger Larry said...

    Yeah, we all know how you sailors are; "filthy buggers, goin from port to port like that!"


    2:26 AM  

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