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    Thursday, July 01, 2010

    Race wars

    When the census taker came to my house, I told them that two people live there full time and nowhere else, and that this is the only information I was willing to give. They attempted to guilt me into further, but I told them "Good Day." I had not further comment or time to give them.

    So now my employer, a public school system, recently nudged me about not having filled out therir race questionairre. I typically do not care to participate, and will check "decline to identify".

    However, in what I believe to be a blatant lie, this automated web
    form informed me that identification was a requirement in Federal Law and did not give a spot for "decline to identify". In fact, I was informed that if I didn't identify myself, that another employee would be found to identify my race, and thus it was in my own best interest to accurately identify myself, as another person could only identify me based upon external characteristics that might be incorrect or subjective.

    In other words, we WILL force you into a racial category, in order to further Marx and Engel's "inevitable march of history" towards a situation where class/race struggle will tear down all the classes in capitalist society when the proletariat rises up in force to seize the
    means of production.

    Given no other option, I checked ALL of the racial and ethnic categories presented, and I shall do so for the rest of my life, as well as encouraging EVERYONE else to do so.

    ...Drifting slightly off-topic...

    It's amazing to me that so few people can explicitly show where Marx went off the rails, even people who hate communists.

    Marx et al missed a trick by assuming the only way the stupid proles could ever get even would be through violence and seizure of assets- couldn't possibly everr develop them on their own, or in concert with an enlightened class of capitalists.

    It's hard to say what they thought would happen AFTER the revolution, if the only way new people could gain assets is to seize them from people who already have them; a class war between the old and the young every generation, perhaps? Now wouldn't that truly be a workers paradise:

    -Kill off all the old people and take their shit.
    -No old people to support, means the workers truly benefit maximally from their labour.
    -At least until they have kids. But then modern Marxists all seem to believe that kids are an abomination against Gaia, so there'd need to be another class war to kill off all the breeders. Of course that would probably take a couple generations to get everybody to the same age, so Party member would need some kind of exemption to stick around long enough to make sure everything is fair.
    -No more kids means everybody works, and we could spread all the wealth around equally.
    -But then people would probably get sick sometimes, and it would be our duty to euthanize them so that they're not a drain on society.
    -And people who cheat the system, or try to withhold more than we decide is their part. We'd have to kill those greedy bastards too.
    -In fact, we'd have to have a bunch of people to take everything away from everybody and hand it all back out to ensure equality, as well as a bunch of guys to kill all those other people that wreck the system. These guys wouldn't be able to be really productive because the state's requirements would keep them pretty busy killing enemies, so they'd have to take stuff from the workers...

    ...Anyway: Fuck you, commies.

    The difference between theory and practice, is much greater in
    practice than in theory...


    Blogger mkfreeberg said...

    Marx's ideas were put into use on the grandest scale, and this is widely understood, after the Revolution of 1917.

    A similar revolution in written literature, dealing with the dystopian future, began shortly thereafter with the 1921 publication of Yevgeny Zamyatin's We, which started a whole pedigree of similar storylines. Anthem, Animal Farm, 1984, Brave New World.

    And Logan's Run, of course.

    You know what is truly frightening: What if it is someday discovered that one race can safely accept a donated organ from another race, but it doesn't work the other way? I'm not talking about blood type, I mean actual race. And the pressure starts to come down: All these people could be using your liver, and here you are selfishly hanging onto it into your nineties. How bad for the environment can you get.

    The color-coded lighted crystals embedded into the palms of people's hands, then, would be just around the corner.

    11:58 AM  

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