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    Saturday, September 04, 2004

    Kerry Panders

    Kerry's "Unwavering Commitment to Middle East Reform" (Found via

    Well... this is one of the more explicit statement I've seen him make on policy. It's a shame he only makes explicit statements in limited, specific forums. 9 references to allies- that much is consistent in his campaign.

    The part about creating an "anti-anti-semitism" office is just plain pandering to the Jewish vote- as is this:

    we will never compromise America's special relationship with our ally Israel. As president, I will never pressure Israel to make concessions that will compromise its security.

    I'm totally opposed to this Special Office of Jew Protection. Not that Anti-Semitism shouldn't be punished- if it falls into the category of a crime. This is just more of the left's backhanded racism, right in line with so-called "affirmative action", racial "un-quotas" in college, and "hate-crime" legislation.

    I say punish all crime equally. Nobody should get extra for being of some racial or ethnic category. We should all get the best possible protection, as equally applied as possible.

    Later, right after saying he'll be tough with sanctions etc, he claims that he will form:
    an aggressive public diplomacy campaign in Arab and Muslim countries to tackle head-on the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel propaganda that fuels ignorance and hatred. This will be a part of an expansive American-led, international effort to promote democratic reforms throughout the Middle East by supporting secular education, business development and educational initiatives. By carefully targeting aid and development programs we can most effectively bolster civil society groups to take action to advance reform

    One quick question, Senator: Aren't Sanctions and Aid the exact opposites of each other?


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