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    Sunday, October 10, 2004

    Pat Tillman exploited

    I see that a professor in Arizona is exploiting Pat Tillman's memory for an anti-war message. How utterly despicable. I wonder where the photo came from. It looks as though it may have originally been someone's copyrighted material, perhaps an Army press release (since I highly doubt that this asshat professor just happens to have a bunch of Pat Tillman photos lying around from the last family picnic.)

    It would be nice to see someone push back on this guy for copyright infringement. His first amendment rights do not trump other people's intellectual property.

    Note that I don't mean this merely as a suppression tactic of a message I don't like. The fact that I disagree with the message is hereby acknowledged. What I mean is that while this professor is and should be free to express his opinion, he doesn't have the right to exploit an individual soldier, particularly an individual who can no longer defend himself.

    Whatever else one may say about the greater right or wrong of the war, Pat Tillman followed his conscience and gave the greatest sacrifice possible to his country- not just to some nebulous concept of patriotism, but out of a sense of duty to his neighbors and community. That deserves a hands-off approach in political commentary out of simple decency for the pain of his family. The mere fact of his celebrity does not give anyone the right to exploit him.


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