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    Tuesday, November 30, 2004


    I wonder who's reading my blog, coming from the domain of (the agency that investigates security clearances)?

    They're probly mad at me now.

    [Stage whisper]Whoever you are, feel free to email me to find out what I'm up to. I welcome more contact with you guys. You're so shy and stand-offish on the phone and verge on cold and terse in your letters.[/stage whisper]

    I've had a few friends and aquaintences coming from military and government domains before, but after my last post, the very specific refers from that particular domain showed up in my logs. Very interesting. They must do vanity searches of themselves, or perhaps they're paranoid to know what people are saying about them.

    I was talking to a buddy of mine the other day, and he commiserated about my status, telling me that it recently took over 18 months merely to accomplish his 5-year periodic reinvestigation (the most standard of any security clearance investigation) with absolutley no negative findings whatsoever.

    Seriously, I thought we had increased our budget for Homeland Security. It seems we must be shorthanded in vital agencies involved in clearing personnel for sensitive positions. Did we spend all our money on those people who make us take our shoes off in airports?

    Another friend of mine who has an active secret clearance, had a top secret merely 4 years ago, (my TS/SCI was debriefed/closed in 1996) was recently denied her interim TS. Of course that doesn't mean that her final clearance is denied, but it does mean that a position that required the TS is not available to her at this point in time. She's got no problems with the law, finance, or loyalty. What could possibly be hanging her up? Who knows, because they won't tell you. You only find out when (and can't appeal any decisions until) they make your final clearance determination. At that time they tell you denied or approved. If you want more detail, it's another Freedom of Infomation Act request. In writing. By snailmail with original signature, no fax thank you very much. And sometimes they even tell you they want it notarized.

    I screwed up in 1998. I got a DUII (and a driving while suspended because of it), which I was convicted of (misdemeanor). I admit that I was wrong, that it was stupid and criminal. I was punished for it. At no time did I ever deny that the punishment was justified. I harbor no resentment against the system for my being so justly punished. I have made great effort to redeem myself in the time since.

    It has been 2 years and 7 months of being in 'adjudicating' status. I want my clearance reinstated, because I feel I have more to offer. Granted, it is also beneficial to me and my employment opportunities.

    But mainly, I just want an answer.


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