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    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    Made it to Kuwait City

    I checked into the Kuwait Hilton this morning. It's pretty nice. The water is 50 meters away, if that.

    Had a great time in London. It was a bit boring at first, just walking around on my own, trying to figure out where to go, but as I started chatting people up in various pubs, it got better. The "Two Chairmen", close to Picadilly circus, was great. Peope kept buying me ale, and I was completely pissed by the time I got on the plane. And hung over big time this morning.

    Took a few pictures of Trafalgar Square and Picadily Circus. I'll get thos posted when I have more time. I'm just at a business center kiosk in the hotel right now. It looks like I'll be here at least overnight, and perhaps tomorrow night as well.


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