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    Saturday, October 28, 2006

    Cubans STINK!

    No, I didn't suddenly turn racist, and I'm not talking about the people.

    What is it about Americans going overseas that makes them suddenly develop a fetish for Cuban cigars? Cigar smoke is the most obnoxious, and just plain noxious, of all tobacco habits.

    People, listen up: just because Cuban cigars are available overseas, and banned in the USA, it doesn't make them desirable. I don't care if they're rolled on the glistening thighs of lust-filled virgins- they still fucking stink when you burn them.

    I went to salsa night at the pool again tonight, and the smell of pretentious pricks smoking cigars even in that open place turned my stomache and I still have a bit of yuck in my throat from it. It's nasty; don't do it!

    That is all.


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