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    Sunday, October 22, 2006

    Weekend update

    Having a normal weekend off is a refreshing change. With our days off being skipped while we're out in the field, we get ome recovery time when we hit garrison.

    Fortunately, this time we came in on Friday afternoon, so it was almost like a real person's weekend. However, this being Iraq, there wasn't much to do anyway. Had some "team-building" exercises with the guys from work Friday night. Something bout 4 or 5 guys standing around outside B's trailer drinking in what is essentially a little back-alley doesn't appeal very much. If I stick around doing that very often, I'll either get depressed or become an alcoholic. It is the typical thing my guys are doing though. Usually it's Thursday night because we're on the Iraqi schedule of Fridays off. (Nostalgic note for Dan & Tara: this is your old hooch I'm talking about.)

    Saturday night I almost went to bed early, but dragged myself off to Liberty poolside for the Salsa night. That was pretty hoppin' for Iraq. Lots of people there, and only a 70/30 male/female ratio, which is pretty good for this place. I left before it was over, but I'd had enough excitement for one night. I could see myself having fun there if I can manage to meet some people, but since I normally have to work early on Sundays, it might not work out because it doesn't really get moving until kinda late. I'm not going to have much social life while I'm here.

    Today I managed to get several errands done. I know this is a recurring theme, but everything takes longer to acomplish in Iraq. Getting a document notarized, cashing a check, mailing some letters, and paying some bils online pretty much took up the entire day.

    Tomorrow I have to hunt down some Lieutenant that works with the mail room to see why my guitar still hasn't gotten here, some 5 weeks after it was mailed. I suspect it never will, which really bums me out.


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