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    Sunday, October 08, 2006

    The fair sex

    I was recently asked what type of traits I find physically attractive, and it seemed a question worth of some cogitation...

    Clear skin is very nice- I typically prefer olive toned or darker skin over pale. I have a minor thing for nice white teeth and healthy gums. A little weird, I know. Sociologists say that the basis of attractiveness is signaling health. You know, symmetrical features etc shows early childhood nutrition and resistance to disease. Not very romantic, I'm afraid.

    I like big noses sometimes. It's another oddity of mine- I don't mind hooked noses, Roman, Arabic, Slavic, what have you. For some reason I think it can be kind of attractive. Not necessarily, but it's okay with me. I like unique faces- Barbie-doll blandness doesn't really do it for me. I can appreciate the classic standard of beauty, but it's not where 'attractive' ends for me.

    I like brunettes usually, more than blondes. I'm rarely attracted to redheads. Eye colour doesn't really matter much to me. Really striking blue or green eyes are kind of a plus sometimes.

    I like boobs, but don't have any kind of fetish for huge ones. Does that make me odd? All other things being equal, I'd rather see a fit body than a girl with big boobs and flabby gut or ass. Speaking of le derrière, I used to be prejudiced against girls with big asses, but not any more. Big is not always bad- some women look much better with a bodacious booty. Nice trim legs and tummy- not necessarily a perfectly flat belly, but that nice curve of healthy womanhood.

    I think that every body has its own unique points that are worth exploring, and I try to be positive- minor flaws don't make people ugly. Of course there are always exceptions to 'the rules'; all of these things that I find attractive work together in various combinations and degrees- I don't think there is an absolute physical "type" that is the perfect woman- too much depends upon personality.


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