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    Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    Stupid legislation

    I've written the following note to my congresspersons:

    "I oppose SB 6613 and 5475.

    The so-called "assault weapons" ban is based upon mistaken assumptions and flawed reasoning regarding the use of firearms. Law-abiding citizens have the constitutional right and the moral obligation to protect themselves and their communities. Abrogating their 2nd amendment rights and depriving them of effective tools to do so is wrong.

    The ban on Internet gambling does not affect me personally, but it is a serious violation of the rights of individuals. Obviously, the state cannot even make a consistent claim of protecting the individual (financially OR morally) from themselves, as state-licensed gambling in the form of the state lottery and casinos is unaffected. This is a transparent pander to the casino lobby to prevent competition. Technological empowerment of the individual will not be denied. Business must adapt or be superseded."


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