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    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    Groundhog Day - the movie

    Comments and email are very welcome.

    Our days here are pretty bland and repetitive, when we're not actually out installing something, so email and comments on this blog are very welcome.

    All of us here have very similar experiences day in and out. We all see pretty much the same things and do the same things, and it makes for somewhat stultifying conversation.

    It's difficult to find someone here who can answer the question "what day is today?" correctly the first time. Think of it as eternally Tuesday afternoon.

    We get up, we go to chow, go to work, go to lunch, back to work, to dinner chow, and then the gym. Maybe we get a cup of coffee in the evenings at the Green Bean cafe.

    And then we do it again the next day, 6 days a week. The seventh day we do laundry.

    A particularly loud explosion is reason for 2 minutes speculation on the target and type of explosive, but overall, the gunfire and explosions are just background noise, generally fairly far off.

    I don't think anyone back home can realize exactly how much we crave outside stimulation, because you actually do things, have different experiences that are interesting to hear about, even when it's just "went to the store today and you wouldn't believe how blah blah blah." Hearing these things provides a feeling of normalcy, that somewhere, life is going on.

    Particularly for me, writing on this stupid blog, getting comments and email makes me feel connected, like I'm not just whistling in the dark here. This blog is primarily for my friends and family (who don't write me often enough, hint-hint), but everyone is welcome.

    Thanks for reading.


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