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    Friday, January 19, 2007

    Out of Iraq...

    ... but Kuwait sucks too.

    The transient tent here at Ali Al Salem is frickin' freezing. I managed to snooze for about two hours maybe, then shivered the rest of the night away. I don't willingly get up at 4 am very often, but at least this internet cafe is heated.

    Well, I'm off to catch a bus to the airport.


    Blogger Lil said...

    Yay! Have a safe trip!!!

    7:57 PM  
    Blogger Kristopher Battles said...

    That's great-- I too was in Ali AL Salem in the transient tents (Q11). I went to the airport late on the 19th and flew out to Washington on early morning 20 January!

    It's good to be home...

    PS-- Did you fly commercial? Was it a Boeing 777? Man, there is no leg room on those things!

    12:13 PM  

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