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    Monday, May 21, 2007

    My reasons

    Morning Glory asks, "Why John Bolton?"

    Let me start with my reasons for Fred:

    Thompson has impressed me as not needing to be president. That is, he looks like he kinda wants it, and seems to make noises in the right direction for my endorsement, but doesn’t seem to need it as some kind of ego boost or self-validation, like most of them seem to.

    I see no difference in McCain’s reasons for running as opposed to Edwards or Hillary- personal aggrandizement.

    Thompson, I could plausibly see his motivation as trying to do something good for the country more so than the kick in the pants of being the most powerful man in the world.

    Why would I like to see John Bolton as Thompson's VP?

    Bolton is a bad-ass who wasn't afraid to talk straight to the corrupt kleptocrats at the UN, and doesn't take any nonsense from reporters trying to frame discussions in Marxist talking points etc. He'd be the guy that Thompson could send out to make a point and expect that point to made succinctly and without apology. He's not afraid to call an interviewer on that interviewer's demonstrated bias, and he can do it without losing his audience, or his point. Since the Veep is primarily a puppet in practical terms, and a hot spare in constitutional terms, I'd see leftist whackos as even less willing to take a pot shot at the Prez if the Veep might be worse (from their point of view).

    Although I have no doubts that Thompson can talk tough too, he could play the thing as having his 'attack dog' Bolton on a leash- it'd probably be easy to play good cop/bad cop.

    Mostly, I'd just like to see the executive branch being presidential- have some balls, kick ass, and take names. Nuance and legal finagling are for off-line activities like congress and the courts- the executive should be action-oriented.

    Morning glory also suggests Tancredo as Veep- I'd have to do some more research on him, but he strikes me a single-issue politican. Not that his issue is a bad one to be concerned about, just that I don't know about his ability to handle a broad range of issues on the fly.


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