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    Friday, May 25, 2007

    One more down...

    So another week has passed, here in the Garden of Eden. It's gotten hot enough for the guys to be reluctant to stir outside midday, even in the air-conditioned pickup truck we have. fortunately, it cools off all the way down the the low 80's at night. Nearly a 30 degree temperature difference, day to night.

    This week passed quickly, sort of in a haze, almost. My buddy Pedro came back to work here for a while, that's cool.

    Watched a National Geographic production last night that had me really missing home. It was about Alaska, but for looks, it could have been anywhere in the temperate rain forest along the Cascades. Then we watched another one on whales that spent a lot of time in Puget Sound.

    Haven't had too many rocket or mortar attacks this week, which means slightly better sleep. We see some sad things in the news, however, about the missing GIs (at least one of them) being found.

    For some reason the embassy chow hall has hadsome supply problem. As much as KBR gets paid per meal served, one hardly expects them to run out of basics like vegetables and cheese. I hear a rumour they may start serving MRE's until the problem is solved. If they do, they should close the place down- no way KBR deserves to be paid for handing out MREs. Shut it down and stop paying them until it is resolved. I can grab an MRE out of a box as well as anybody can hand it to me. Somebody floated a conspiracy theory about it today at lunch- that maybe Dept of State is manipulating the situation because of a tiff with DoD. I hate conspriacy theories, but I can't quite put this one totally out of mind. There always seems to be some sort of squabble between the philosophies of the two. State doesn't seem to play well with others who don't espouse their "kinder, gentler" approach. Likewise with us potentially being moved out of the Embassy compound soon.

    I'm looking forward with great anticipation, going home in a few months. It's really too soon to be lokoing forward to it this much.


    Anonymous Geoffrey said...

    Ugh. That's damned hot.

    Hope someone gets their act together on the food front too. I do not want to think about the added influence of MRE rage when you're already in an oven.

    Hang in there Larry

    10:29 PM  
    Blogger Lil said...

    Damn, I deserve a good kick for being grumpy about it getting nearly to 80* today in town. I'd try to mail you some rain, but somehow doubt it would package very well. *hugs*

    1:49 AM  

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