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    Thursday, June 07, 2007


    I think I have been in (at least traveling through) every state except for Alaska, Hawaii, and Maine. I have found something worth seeing in every one of them. Those where I have spent time, I have met good people in each one of them.

    I have spent considerable time in a few: Oregon, where I was born, Washington, where I have been a resident since the 9th grade (even during those times when I was elsewhere, I've been a resident). I've also lived in California, Texas, Mississippi, Maryland, Utah, and Iowa. I spent a month in MA once, a few days in NJ and NY, a couple weeks in Ohio.

    Where am i going with all this? Nowhere special. But everywhere I have ever been, someone thought it was special, and the vast majority of them would not even consider leaving their home. They believe it to be the plalce place on earth, and will defend it and praise it to you.

    Until I came to Iraq, I had never been anywhere that the majority of people just wish they were somewhere else. I know most of them would rather see their homeland become a place that they could be safe and comfortable again, rather than leave. But many would rather leave for now, if they had somewhere to go.

    So again, no real deep insights, it's just nice to live in a coutnry that does so well by its people as to make them happy and content.

    Tag: Patriot's Journey (with JimK, Scott, Lil, Doug, Moorewatch and our fearless leader Drumwaster)


    Blogger Another Bratcher said...

    I heard that in Oregon the water tastes like porn.

    I know for a fact that nobody from Wisconsin can see the color yellow.

    What are people from Main called...seriously? Mange? Mainerds?

    9:51 PM  

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