Thebastidge: 4th of July is not just a date
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    Wednesday, July 04, 2007

    4th of July is not just a date

    Do us all a favour, and the next time you hear someone say somethnig along the lines of, "Happy 4th of July," gently correct them; "You mean, Happy Independance Day."

    And I do indeed, hope you all have a happy and safe one. Personally, although I may be one of the few people left to actually consider the real significance of the fire works, I'm well over the "thrill" of watching my neighbors make drunken buffoons of themselves with 'splody stuff, and after being here, I'm not sure I'll ever really enjoy unexpected booms ever again.

    Tag: Patriot's Journey (with JimK, Scott, Lil, Doug, Moorewatch and our fearless leader Drumwaster)


    Anonymous Mari said...

    Heh... My boyfriend actually DID correct me today when I called it the Fourth of July... Must be a military thing because no one else has ever said anything to me about it...

    Fascinating the things I am learning, even this late in my life...

    8:42 PM  
    Blogger Larry said...

    No, sadly, it's just as bad in the military community, or nearly.

    In my case, it's a deliberate attempt to promote certain values.

    Like curiosity and intellectual honesty, knowledge of history, positive contributions to society, self-reliance and responsibility etc.

    Maybe I'll reach someone who needs a dose of those things, in some small way.

    10:17 AM  

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