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    Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    Mr. Baxter follows up...

    Quoth he (inline to my original, I've seperated here for clarity):

    "You obviously don't know the source of conservative and libertarian individual values and economics. No, not Greco-Roman; they were more than 90% slave and non-citizen throughout their entire histories. SOURCE: CHRISTIAN only."

    Some underlining and italicization omitted because of laziness.

    "Ignorance does it." (Turns me off his program.)

    "knowledge is not a superstition" (apparently in reference to Christianity.)

    In response to my assertion that politics as an extension of Christianity is a collectivist stance:

    "Not true. Individual value and personal responsibility were initiated when Jesus died. There is No Other Source. Like it or not!?! You are ducking truth in favor of YOUR ignorance. SOUNDS LIKE YOU ARE LIVING A LIFE NEEDING SELF-JUSTIFICATION. Welcome to it!! Criteria??? duh..."

    Way to go ad hominem, pally pal. Fortunately I don't really see a self-justified life as much of an insult. So, there was no individual responsibility prior to the Christ myth? (Note that I am not going out of my way to proselytise or preach. You came to ME, dude.) There's no justification for individuality outside of the Christian ethos? This statement falls flat on its face without any serious need of refutation.

    Still incoherent and illogical, Mr. B. I recommend some more history and philosophy reading. You might want to refernce some Christian reading in there as well, if you intend to base your arguments upon that body of writings. Particularly enlightening might be the doctrine of original sin, and the expiation of sinners by Jesus' sacrifice- fairly collectivist ideas by my lights.


    Blogger Lil said...

    Aren't frothing religionists fun? *rolls eyes*

    6:23 PM  

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