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    Sunday, December 26, 2004

    Soldier's needs

    In response to this post, I tried to reply on Cam Edwards site, but got a "questionable content" error. It seems to object to my persona "TheBastidge". Hmm. I dunno why, it's not an official "dirty word" and it's fairly descriptive of me, in both a literal (legal) and figurative sense.

    Ach well, on to the substance of my reply:

    Farah wrote:
    I'm running out of ideas of what to include in the box. I've sent things like disposable cameras, a poker set, edible goodies like Goldfish and Blow Pops. I don't want to keep sending the same things, that gets boring.

    I was hoping that you guys (especially those of you who served in the military) could give me some suggestions on what my soldier might like. Obviously no porn, pork products, or anything that might melt.

    I'd appreciate your input.

    Baby wipes. Nothing like a sponge bath- seriously, many of these guys don't get to see a shower for weeks at a time. Chapstick. Vaseline (can really protect the feet from a lot of nastiness when bathing regularly is not an option). Home town newspapers. My room mate in Korea would get them every week from his mom in Cleveland, and I would read them even though I was from the west coast. Pictures of your family- you, husband, kids, family dog. When you're overseas for a long time, it helps to connect with home to have pictures of normal life. LETTERS, especially with hopes for safe return and talk of more hopeful and pleasant surroundings. Maybe even with an invitation to a BBQ when he returns. Idle chitter chatter. It's all good.


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