Thebastidge: 08/01/2006 - 09/01/2006
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    Tuesday, August 29, 2006


    I have been too long idle in posting here…chalk it up to other issues, pressing matters; laziness; what will you. One thing is certain however, it has not been for any lack of thoughts rattling round in this skull that’s for sure or any lack of opinion on the issues that surround us all.

    Stubborn moronic denial of reality!

    That has to be it. I can find no other way to explain how certain groups of politicians and bureaucrats can find it so hard to understand cause and effect, justice, morality, righteousness, freedom and the fight to maintain those principles in ours (or any) society? Just what is it about these concepts that eludes even the most educated of these so called *public servants*? Perhaps it is not that they don’t understand; perhaps the problem is that they make the active choice *not* to understand; perhaps they understand all too well and choose to disregard or ignore the empirical mountains of evidence that flies in the face of their continued attempts to ram through legislation that supports their own political gain; their ‘power base’. What is worse, the loss of our sovereignty and national identity means nothing to these idiots as long as they get and maintain a grip on that power. The rights and welfare of the people they are supposed to serve and represent fall by the wayside in the onslaught of political correctness.

    Political agenda drives the train. Whether it is right or wrong, truthful or not, doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

    Don’t get me wrong, both sides of the aisle are guilty of the same tactics and it is darn depressing. Who suffers? We the People! That’s who. Our culture, our pride, our moral courage, the very fabric of our society is torn asunder by morons willing to lie, spin, and ignore the truth in order to press their advantage in a political forum. It makes me want to puke.

    But…here is the really scary part; the part that apathy dictates will not be heard.

    It is *we the People* who direct (read that – accept) our own fate. More and more it seems that less and less people are willing to rock the boat so to speak for what ‘could’ be a right choice, a moral decision, and/or a justified and educated stand for or against something. As long as there is a roof over the head, food on the plate, a DVD in the player, and some greenbacks left over for a beer or two or three, there is no reason to take a stand. You see it every day with too many of our peers; parents who abdicate the raising of their own children to some government funded and mandated public school or worse yet, let the TV or the PC games do the teaching; adults who are too darn lazy to get out and vote, or worse, vote without being informed; parents who don’t even bother to teach their children how to vote, much less why they even should. We the people really need to wake up while we still have a national identity. While our sovereignty is still intact, we need to act to secure it for our posterity lest we wake up one fine morning to find it has been sold to the UN before we even had a chance to miss it.

    Where is this rant going you are probably asking yourself? To what end, all this raving?
    For years I found myself caught in the conundrum of casting my vote not for what I thought was right but for a reason either to support the party I thought was closer to my values or…to help defeat the one that I felt was not.. No more! I have decided that there are really no incumbents left who are really for the people or their wishes when put in the context of weighing those wishes against loss of power or political career.

    No incumbent will be receiving my vote this November. Not one. I’ve heard feedback saying that there are some good ones out there. Really?! Where? If they haven’t sold us out on the immigration issue, they sold us out sneaking the Real Id Act in while the proverbial wool was over the eyes (recall that the Real ID Act originally passed the House in February as a standalone bill (H.R. 418) by a vote of 261-to-161. House leaders, realizing national ID would have been in trouble in the Senate, then added it to a must-pass military appropriations bill in a cynical ploy to make it almost impossible to fight national ID).

    If it wasn’t that then it was any number of other issues. This November, I will vote with my mind and not my emotions; better late than never.

    How will you vote? Better still…WILL you vote?

    On a different note; someone I respect and admire for a level head, sound advice, and a view of the world I find refreshing, is leaving to help build the infrastructure of democracy in Baghdad. To go and build so that others may have the life and liberties’ that we enjoy is laudable.

    To you, ya Bastidge, go my hopes and best wishes for success. I hope we will meet again and look forward to hearing of your progress. Health and happiness my friend, always.
    Saxon Archer