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    Thursday, September 21, 2006

    Made it to Baghdad

    First imperssions: Bombs are loud.

    It's pretty warm, but not completely unbearable. My hooch has a pretty good air conditioner. It's friggin' dusty as hell everywhere. This place is a huge dustbowl. Everything is covered in fine dust.

    Chow's decent, they even had kimchi on the salad bar. Thought I was going to have to find the Korean compound and beg. Talked to some Korean dudes yesterday when I was stuck in the terminal at BIAP (for 9+ hours). I'm checked in with the company and everybody has been pretty cool so far, showing me around and getting me and my gear settled. We all know a lot of people in common, so there's a lot of "how's so-and-so?"

    All in all, not too bad so far.


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