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    Friday, November 17, 2006

    Checking in

    I'll be taking off again for a few days. This trip looks like it'll take longer to get there than it will to do the job, so it shouldn't be too long. Maybe 5 days of travel (round trip) and one or two of work.

    I'll check in and check email as Internet is available. Some transient quarters have it, most don't, but there's usually an Internet 'cafe' available somewhere.

    Still waiting on word of whether our contract will be renewed or extended into the next year. By the time I return, they should'v made an announcement one way or the other, and then I can solidify plans to come home.

    If more work is offered to me, I'll stay here, but if I have to come home, I won't cry about that either. I made enough cash here to make it worthwhile even if it was only short term, but it does pretty much suck 24/7 to be here. I'll treasure the experience in retrospect, but then time really does put a rosy glow on things that aren't so great to be in the middle of.


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