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    Sunday, November 26, 2006

    Turkey dinner

    Comfort food is nice.

    I posted a little bit about my Thanksgiving, but I neglected to mention the dinner. I spent most of the day traveling back from Basra, but I was able to get to the chow hall in time to grab a plate. Got a couple different kinds of turkey and some prime rib.

    They go all-out here with the decorations. Huge papier-mache turkeys, and some (utterly creepy) zombie mummy pilgrims in a huge display. Very disturbing.

    I need to get som more web hosting spce so I can post some more pictures. I tried to take some from the British Puma ride, but it was getting on toward dusk and I didn't want to us the flash, so they came out a little too dark. That was pretty cool though. The Brits manouever a but more areobatically than our average Blackhawk ride. At one point I was looking to my left, straight down at the ground through the open door, from maybe 30-50 meters up.


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