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    Sunday, April 22, 2007


    That should be a motto for all of us. Complacency Kills, not just in Iraq.

    It kills people on the roads of America as people carelessly run into each other on the road.

    Complacency kills in America, as people expect others, the police, the 'government' to do the heavy lifting of making society safe and keeping liberty secure.

    Complacency kills in politics, as people make excuses for disenfranchizing themselves (failing to vote) because "the system is corrupt" or "my one vote won't matter". "Abstention as protest" doesn't work. Some act as if "winning" and "losing" in a politicsal race is all that matters: I say that resisting evil is important even if you "lose".

    Complacency kills in politics, as idiots, idealogues, and narcissistic egomaniacs and self-serving crooks pursue policies of ruination for western civilization. standing by and doing nothing makes you complicit.

    The system of republican democracy we enjoy hasn't fallen down overnight because it's inherently robust. But it needs regular maintenance, or eventually it all grinds to a halt. Don't be complacent.


    Blogger Lil said...

    You rock! That was very well said.

    12:11 PM  

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