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    Thursday, April 19, 2007

    Status report

    I've been trying to get an established routine going. I've been here just over two weeks, and I've been mostly wasting my 'free' time. I have certifications to study for, and I haven't been focusing on anything. Trying to get my Arabic a little better, play my bass more, get together with people to play, just generally make the most of my time here.

    It hasn't magiacally gotten to be any more fun here since I left, damnit. The weather heated up a good bit yesterday, something of a precursor to summer weather, I think. Then we got a good bit of wind yesterday evening, and if it hadn't been for all the concrete, tall buildings, and the rivers around us, I think we might have had a sandstorm ala "The Mummy", huge gaping mummy face in the cloud and all. It was kind ugly. It's better today, but this has been happening a good bit lately where the gate guards have dust masks on and you have to squint to keep the grit out of your eyes. It's just good to stay in at these times. It's cooled off again today, but there's still a little bit of wind that seems like it might kick up a bit this evening.

    Tomorrow, most of the guys are off, but I think I might just stay home and play my bass. I got a book of tablature for about 250 songs, so I wanna try and memorize some bass lines, and go to bed somewhat early.

    I've skipped the gym for the last 3 days. About all I've done is bike to and from work, about 2 miles round trip at most. I've been hanging out at work a little late, and just haven't made it. The chow hall closes at 8, so if I don't leave until after 7, I don't really have time to work out before going to get chow, and I have a hard time doing it on a full stomache. Sometimes I'll get a take-out sandwich for dinner and leave it in my fridge til I'm done, but that gets old too.

    But everything's going as well as expected, and around here, boredom is good compared to the alternatives.


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