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    Saturday, April 07, 2007


    I have today off, managed to get a bike (the guy who left my room before me quit his job in a panic when those people got killed in the IZ last week. He left a bunch of stuff, including his bike, with a flat tire. Oe of our Iraqi guys waqs nice enough to fix the tire and now I have wheels, though I may have to share with my room mate.)

    I'm going to hook up with some dudes who have a jazz combo tonight and go play some music at their practice session. The keyboard player (my neighbor) just bought a bass (from the guy who quit) and needs some pointers, so I now have a hobby as well as a bike. Now I just need to connect with the guy who gives bagpipe lessons to get started on that. I brought my bagpipe practice chanter and book.

    The neck of my bass got warped on the way here- I almost panicked. But I managed to locate some hex wrenches and was able to adjust the truss a little bit, which seems to have mostly fixed it. I'm afraid to do any more until I can take it to a real technician back home, but it's playable the way it is. Honestly, it probably needed a bit of adjustment before, now that I'm doing some research on the subject.

    My old room mate has someone in our old trailer, so I couldn't get back in with him, unfortunately. He's a cool dude, and his new roomie is apparently kind of a goof. My new hooch is smaller, and has a bullet hole in the roof- it's okay though, because it has been patched. My new room mate works nights, so I don't see him much except on our days off (his Thursday night, mine Saturday). He's pretty laid back so far. His team mates aren't taking very good care of him though- he's been here 6 weeks and hadn't even heard of the Baghdad country Club. He's an IT guy as well, for a different company.

    Went to the gym when I got up this morning. Now that I'm getting settled in, I'm trying not to make excuses about not going. I went the other morning at 5 am, after lying in bed thinking "the only thing keeping you from going to the gym right now is your own laziness." Since I'm not traveling out of th eIZ this time around, it should be easier to get into a routine.

    Well, I'm off to study for a Microsoft exam.


    Blogger Barb said...

    Which test are you studying for? I am working on updating my cert to Win2003 MCSE (from Win2K MCSE), and am studying for 70-296. Or I oughta be, but the looming vacation plans are distracting me ;-)

    1:37 PM  
    Blogger Larry said...

    That's the exam I'm studying for. that and 70/299, Implmenting and Administering Security.

    Somewhere in there, I need to re-certifiy my CCNA, which I let lapse some time ago while I was finishing my degree.

    12:47 AM  

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