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    Saturday, May 05, 2007

    Sad moment of disbelief

    I've just been informed that a former colleague (Oregon Air National Guard)and casual friend of mine has taken his own life a few days ago. He was a full timer at PANG.

    It's a total "WTF?" moment for me- I never suspected he would do something like that. He's always been a very even-keel kind of guy in my experience. I am truly sorry none of us (well, to be fair to myself, I haven't seen him in quite a while, since I'm no longer in the Guard) noticed something was this seriously wrong.

    He was a good guy, and moreover, took his work in the military seriously.

    My best wishes and condolences for Mark's family, fiancee, and friends.



    Blogger Barb said...

    I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. That's so very sad, and my heart goes out to his family. I can't imagine the mental pain or bleakness that would lead towards taking my own life, and (selfishly) hope I never do. But the family and his fiancee must be in dreadful pain.

    12:47 PM  

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