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    Monday, April 23, 2007

    How low can you go?

    How low do choppers fly overhead? Well, they vibrated the smoke detector off the wall mount in my trailer last night.


    Blogger Lil said...

    Wow. I'm pretty sure that's not the "magic fingers" that anyone expected for their bed...

    12:33 AM  
    Blogger Larry said...

    You mostly get used to them flying overhead, and roll back over into slumberland without ever fuilly awakening, but I couldn't figure out what had fallen, because it was in the hallway between trailers. The set-up is kind of like an "H" with the bathroom in between two trailers and the hallway connecting the trailer doors in front of the bathroom.

    I looked around in my trailer, but couldn't find anything out of place. didn't know what had happened until this morning.

    1:06 AM  

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