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    Saturday, June 09, 2007

    We've come a long way

    Overheard today at lunch in the Palace DFAC, 3 gentlemen having a discussion about Selective Service and "registering for the draft":

    One, an older gentlemen, slightly too young for Viet Nam, but surely old enough to have it fresh in his mind at the time, told a story to two young Naval officers, the story of his dad driving him down to the recruiter's office, dropping him off, and leaving him there, because he had made some smart-ass teenager type remark about not registering with Selective Service. His old man got pissed off and lectured him about the fines, and jail time etc. Words to the effect of "I'm a grown man and you can't make me do it" were exchanged.

    Anyway, this gentleman, recounting his youth, ruefully admits he registered. Then he started talking about his appreciation for the way things had changed, how if he had it to do over again today, he would have joined the military. Because now there is a culture of respect, professionalism, it's a proud thing to be in uniform. He recounted a bit more from his youth, the attitudes rampant in and about the military back then, while the two young officers just shook their heads in disbelief at the differences he related. It was a nice moment.

    Oh, and all three of them were Afro-Americans.

    Tag: Patriot's Journey (with JimK, Scott, Lil, Doug, Moorewatch and our fearless leader Drumwaster)


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