Thebastidge: Iraq wins again. whoo.
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    Sunday, July 29, 2007

    Iraq wins again. whoo.

    I used to root for the Iraqis to win their footbal matches. I've talked to some of my guys here and it's one thing that everybody looks forward to. They've talked about how even the Iraqi women watch football with their husbands and know the teams- a fairly new and refreshingly egalitarian thing.

    It's one of the few visibly positive things that everybody gets to see.

    But every time they win, thousands of dumbasses in the middle of this city of millions of people run outside and start shooting in the fucking air, and I'd rather they just lose the damn match. "Celebritory fire" sounds like popcorn in the microwave, but goes on for about half an hour. At night you see the tracer rounds like a thick cloud of fireflies. How stupid can you get?

    Yeah, congrats on beating Saudi Arabia, Iraqis. Now go put your guns to better use, and shoot a fucking terrorist.


    Blogger MAX Redline said...

    Yeah, it's like they're too stupid to realize that what goes up will come down. At the same time, it's nice to see that the three main groups there can come together. I wonder if it will occur to them that if they did it once, they may do it again.

    12:44 PM  

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