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    Monday, August 06, 2007

    Pause for commentary

    It's interesting sometimes, to look at a personality profile arrived at by any number of questions designed to elicit trends rather than specific reponses to specific inputs.

    I try my best not to game the system, though I am almost always aware of the purpose behind the particular question.

    I think sometimes this self-awareness makes it difficult to gain much insight from the exercise, because I'm always striving not to overly think the question- would I hang up on someone who was annoying me? Of course! Would I hang up on an annoying person if the call was important? Probably not. I'm too aware of myself and my moods to let my natural inclicnations have free reign. I figure this probably skews my results a bit, but it also corrects my results towards how I actually behave, the sum of my experiences, choices, which could be considered my conscious environment, as well as my unconscious environment, (which I would consider my emotional history and conditioning), and heritage.

    The anger questions are a particular example of this. I haven't lost my temper in many years, and I rarely allow even my annoyance to surface in any negative way. I'm not shy to let someone know they are annoying me, but I'm careful not to over-react, be undeservedly harsh or violent etc.

    But I have felt within myself the potential for a berserker. I think that knowing you're capable of Very Bad Things can mitigate against it in some ways, particularly by defining a philosophical code of personal ethics.

    Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled bout of TMI.


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